Simply the Best 8 Borlange

European kickboxing championship headlines Simply the Best 8 Borlange on Saturday, October 17, 2015. Tommy Munther presents an international kickboxing fiesta in Sweden in terms of the “Ringfight K1”. The coordinator of the event is Hakan Ozan.

The program is a 12-fight bill. Five prestigious WKN titles will be contested during the evening. In the main event Abdou Karim Chorr of Sweden and Kevin Maertens of France challenge for the WKN European welterweight title in oriental kickboxing.

The program comprises four-man championship tournaments in the lightweight and middleweight classes. In addition, two international belts at stake.

The list of special guests attending the event includes the WKN World President Stephane Cabrera, and the UFC fighter Alexander Gustafsson.

Fight card

WKN European welterweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 5×3 mn
Abdou Karim Chorr (Sweden) def Kevin Maertens (France) by UD

WKN Scandinavian middleweight title / Grand Prix / 3×3
Semi-final: Meran Zangana (Sweden) def Nafir Akattal (Denmark) by UD
Semi-final: Andreas Iversen (Norway) def Abdallah Habib (Sweden) by KO R 1
Final: Meran Zangana (Sweden) def Andreas Iversen (Norway) by TKO R 3

WKN Scandinavian lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Semi-final: Jonas Berglund (Sweden) def Simon Santana (Norway) by SD
Semi-final: Youssef Assouik (Denmark) defeats Liam Borcheloui (Sweden) by UD
Final: Youssef Assouik (Denmark) def Jonas Berglund (Sweden) by TKO R3 (injury)

WKN International lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Hussein Ibrahim (Sweden) def Valentin di Quinzio (Belgium) by UD

WKN International featherweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden) def Ashley Gilson (Belgium) by UD

Superfight K1 rules / super heavyweight / 3×3 mn
Ehsan Barghi (Sweden) def Majid Fallah (Iran) by SD

Superfight K1 rules / super lightweight / 3×3 mn
Emil Flystam (Sweden) defeats Albin Fajkovic (Bosnia) by TKO R 3

Superfight K1 rules / lightweight / 3×3 mn
Hassan Moradi (Sweden) defeats Yousef Karimi (Afganistan) by TKO round 3

Event report