Simply the Best 5 Caseros: Bosch vs. Dussan

Simply the Best 5 Caseros

Simply the Best Kickboxing returns to Argentina with episode 5 held on June 5, 2015 in the city of Caseros, Buenos Aires. The event is the second edition of the WKN world series produced in South America.

The six-fight WKN championship program airs live on FOX Sports LA. The scheduled broadcast is on SFR Sport 5 throughout Europe.

In the main event Cristian Bosch of Argentina faces off Andres Dussan of Colombia. The contest is for the WKN International super light heavyweight title. In the semi-main event Federico Roma of Argentina faces off Tomas Tadlanek of Slovakia. The challenge is for the WKN Intercontinental bantamweight title in muaythai. Three South American and Argentine National belts are also contested during the evening.

The gala is organized by Valiente Productions. The coordinator of the event is Fernando Munoz. The happening is supported by the sports secretary of Caseros Mr Hector Chavez. The championship supervisor is Osman Yigin, representing the World Kickboxing Network.

The list of special guests includes the WKN World President Mr Stephane Cabrera, and South American kickboxing mega-star Mr Jorge “Acero” Cali.

Fight Card

WKN International super light heavyweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Cristian Bosch (Argentina) wins on points vs Andres Dussan (Colombia)

WKN Intercontinental bantamweight title / Muay Thai / 5×3 mn
Federico Roma (Argentina) wins by TKO R3 vs Tomas Tadlanek (Slovakia)

WKN South American super lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Pablo Roa (Argentina) wins on points vs Robinson Barrientos (Chile)

WKN South American super middleweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Guillermo Benitez (Argentina) wins by TKO R1 vs Roberto Alcaraz (Paraguay)

WKN South American lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Edgardo Uenca (Argentina) wins on points vs Felipe Bocaz (Chile)

WKN Argentine National welterweight title / Kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Facundo Perez (Argentina) wins by TKO R2 vs Emanuel Vallejos (Argentina)

Event report