Simply the Best 4 Prague: Vondracek vs. Wamba

Simply the Best 4 Prague

Simply the Best Kickboxing makes its debut in Czech Republic with STB 4 Prague held on May 24, 2015. Presented by Radim Kusnirak in collaboration with Petr Lamac the event takes place at Top Hotel Praha. Three WKN titles will be contested during the evening.

In the main event Petr Vondracek of Czech and Nicolas Wamba of France challenge for the WKN Intercontinental super heavyweight title. Also, David Vins of Czech and Tomas Mozny of Slovakia challenge for the WKN European super heavyweight title. In addition, Jiri Apeltauer and Tomas Beran battle out for the WKN Czech middleweight belt.

As series of international and national bouts feature on the card. The coordinator of the event is Lukas Bodyy.

Fight Card

WKN Intercontinental super heavyweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Nicolas Wamba (France) wins on points vs Petr Vondracek (Czech)

WKN European super heavyweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 5x3mn
David Vins (Czech) wins on points vs Tomas Mozny (Slovakia)

WKN Czech middleweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Tomas Beran wins by KO R1 vs Jiri Apeltauer

Kickboxing K-1 rules -89 kg / 3x3mn
Daniel Skvor (Czech) wins by KO R 1 vs Sebastian Piotr (Poland)

Kickboxing K-1 rules -73 kg / 3x3mn
Petro Nakonechnyi (Ukraine) wins on points vs Pavol Garaj (Slovakia)

WKN International super heavyweight bout / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Georgij Fibich wins on points vs Vasilis Karagiannidis (Greece)

Kickboxing K-1 rules -69 kg / 3x3mn
Vladimir Riha (Czech) wins on points vs Kacper Muszynski (Poland)

Kickboxing K-1 rules -86 kg / 3x3mn
Adam Audy (Czech) wins by TKO R1 (Medical stoppage) vs Stefanos Konstantelopoulos (Greece )

WKN International cruiserweight bout / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Corentin Jallon (France) wins on points vs Ondrej Srubek (Czech)

Kickboxing K-1 rules -81 kg / 3x3mn
Daniel Brunclik wins on points vs Arkadiusz Kaszuba (Poland)

Kickboxing K-1 rules -73 kg / 3x3mn
Marek Prochazka (Czech) wins on points vs Marko Milanovic (Serbia)

Kickboxing K-1 rules -65 kg / 3x3mn
Samuel Hadzima (Slovakia) wins on points vs Sebastian Bytyqi (Czech)

Event report