Simply the Best 22 Buenos Aires

Simply the Best 22 Buenos Aires takes place at the Club GEI on September 22. The event features the A-list South American kickboxers with WKN International title contested on the night. The episode is featured on the “Estrellas de Acero” programme on FOX Sports Latin America, CN 23 and B1B Action TV.

In the main event Argentine Cristian Bosch and Colombian Andres Dussan square off for the second time. The pair battles out for WKN International Super Light Heavyweight title in Muay Thai. Their first outing was held in June 2015 at STB 5 Caseros, where the representative of the country-host scored the win by decision.

The ring announcer is Leandro Randolini. The ringside commentators are Emanuel Masseroni and Vicky Ravecca. Argentinian singer and model Cintia Alonso makes special appearance. El Show De Andy makes a feature performance. WKN President Stephane Cabrera attends the event.

Simply the Best 22 Buenos Aires

Fight card

Main event
WKN International Super Light Heavyweight title / Muay Thai / 3×3 mn
Cristian Bosch (Argentina) def. Andres Dussan (Colombia) via unanimous decision

International bouts
Ignacio Capllonch (Argentina) def. Fabricio Zacarias (Brazil) via decision
Nicolas Jara (Argentina) def. Cesar Ulises Barcellos (Brazil) via TKO
Pablo Pucci (Argentina) def. Yeferson Lopez (Uruguay) via TKO
Miguel Campora (Argentina) def. Nicolas Mujica (Uruguay) via TKO
Nahuel Lopez (Argentina) def. Ignacio Soto (Chile) via decision
Roberto Caldas (Argentina) def. Ednardo Martins (Brazil) via TKO

Argentine rating bouts
Edgardo Cuenca def. Cesar Benitez via decision
Rodrigo Pezoli def. Pablo Dhorta via decision
Giuliana Cosnard def.Mariana Jofre via decision
Facundo Medina def. Gonzalo Arredondo via decision
Ariel Araneda def. Facundo Aguirre via TKO
Johana Orue def. Mariana Clausi via decision
Federico Gentiluomo def. Rodrigo Barrios via decision
Nestor Ojeda def. Gaston Monroe via TKO
Cristian Dure def. Alejandro Rosa via decision
Charly Calomini def. Richard Martinez via decision
Christian Guido def. Gustavo Pereira via KO
Leonardo De Oliveira def. Rodrigo Fernandez via decision
Federico Benancio def. Maxi Nieva via decision
Juan Martin Bauza def. Dylan Salazar via decision
Gonzalo Arevalo def. Diego Lencina via decision
Julio Dominguez vs. Diego Camargo – draw
Lucas Cisneros vs. Brian Fernandez – draw
Mauro Coria def. Nahuel Medina via decision
Juan Ortiz def. Damian Constantini via decision
Emiliano Saavedra def. Ricardo Mino via decision
Angel Bauza def. Jonatan Corbalan via decision
Agustin Arrieta def. Juan Almeida via decision
Joel Dorado def. Lucas Ascarate via decision
Luciana Vasquez def. Laura Gonzalez via decision
Victor Gonzalez vs. Santiago Piedras – draw
Ulises Lopez def. Jonatan Peralta via KO
Franco Agosto def. Joaquin Quiroz via decision
Dalma Segura def. Jesica Sosa via decision