Kickboxing series SIMPLY THE BEST on SFR Sport 5

SFR Sport 5

Simply The Best is an international kickboxing series produced by the World Kickboxing Network on European sports television network SFR Sport 5.

The episodes are held in numerous countries throughout Europe as well as in South America and Asia.

The program comprises the WKN World, European, Intercontinental and International title bouts. Some of the most notable athletes of the current era of kickboxing partake in the events.

The shows are broadcasted live on National TV networks including FOX Sports LA. The scheduled broadcast is on SFR Sport 5 throughout Europe.



World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is the world’s governing for all disciplines of kickboxing.


TV Broadcast

SFR Sport 5 is a European television network devoted to combat sports. It is a branch of a large SFR Group.

Media Partner

FIGHTMAG is an online magazine based in Australia. It covers combat sports globally.


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